C2 SkeleNorns
Created by FeralChicken
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The Story

It has long been known that Pixie Norns harbour an 'evil' streak, and may often be found sneaking around, presumably up to no good. Of course, they are also very cute little creatures and surely they can't be all bad...
But now, Pixie Norns have finally been revealed for what they are - demons, with evil red and green eyes and physical signs of the fact that they refuse to eat anything! They are in fact, SkeleNorns! [cue bolts of lightning and loud organ music]

Ok, that's not a very good story, but there is no real reason behind the creation of the SkeleNorns, other than that on one boredom-inspired day I drew a picture that I thought might look fun as a C2 breed. And here it is! :)

Knowing your SkeleNorns

SkeleNorns take up Geat slot S.
They have new image and body data files, but there is no new genome. They are probably a good opportunity for some sort of evil Norn, but I have no knowledge of genetics and I find the original CL genome suits the role quite satisfactorily. >:)

Baby SkeleNorns look just like any other Pixie Norn, cute and fluffy, etc.

However, when the Norn becomes a child, it starts to show signs of its SkeleNorn-ness. The lower arms and legs turn into bones, it loses its tail and its head becomes 'disjointed' from its body.

Finally, when it becomes a youth, the SkeleNorn transformation is complete. The SkeleNorn will look the same now until it dies.

The only difference between the males and females is the eye colour. Males have red eyes and females green. (Note: if you have a coloured Norn, the eyes may change colour.)

You can only see the expression on a SkeleNorn's face when it is towards you. This is a little guide to different expressions:







Eyes Closed


As I already said, SkeleNorns take up Geat slot S.

You will need to download the image files and body data files from this site, both 555 and 565 image files are available - so make sure to download the right zip file!

Download the SkeleNorn att files here

Either Download the SkeleNorn 565 s16 files here

Or Download the SkeleNorn 555 s16 files here

Once you have downloaded the zip files you need, extract the att files to the \Creatures 2\Body Data directory. Extract the s16 files to the \Creatures 2\Images directory. (Readme's with these instructions are included in the zip files - please read them!)

To see the SkeleNorns in the game, you will need to download some Norns that use the Geat slot S. You can find some to download here - they are all baby Norns. Put these files into the \Creatures 2 directory and import them to the game.

For people having problems downloading the exp files: Download all six Norns from this page in this zip file
Otherwise download individual Norns as exp files: Download Aboneezer - male | Download Askela - female | Download Bonita - female | Download Ribetta - female

NOTE: These files may not be redistributed in any way. You may put individual Norns on your own site if you wish, but the image and body data files will only be available from this site.
As far as I am aware, all of these downloads and files work properly. However, if you do come across any problems, please email me and let me know, so that I can fix them!

Coloured SkeleNorns

I haven't done many experiments with the colour of SkeleNorns, but I'm hoping that some distinctive colours may be produced. I have some coloured SkeleNorns here for download, although they seem to just be various shades of grey. However, if you have bred a SkeleNorn with a cool colour, please send me a picture so I can see and maybe I'll put a little gallery up here.

Download Spinus - male

Download Collar - male

These pages and graphics (excluding the original CyberLife sprites) are all copyright 2000 Sam (FeralChicken) Williams.
None of these files may be reproduced in any way without my permission first.