The ride would be housed in a modern looking travel agent with a slight twist in that all the advertised destinations are various points in time (Photoshop)

One of the destinations on the ride is the formation of the Earth, a place of earthquakes and volcanoes and smoky warm atmosphere (Ink, watercolour & Photoshop)

Another stop is the 16th Century, sailing alongside pirates on the ocean (Pastels & Photoshop)


The final destination is a city of the future, where traffic flies around enormous skyscrapers (Pen & Photoshop)

Time Travel

The Option Project in my final year was an opportunity to develop a concept design proposal. I chose to design a dark ride for a theme park such as Alton Towers.

The starting point for my concept was H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. From this I created a storyboard and the theming of the ride, looking at Victorian decorative design and art in the style of Steampunk for inspiration.


The ride vehicle is a mobile simulator system, allowing for various motion effects as the storyboard requires (Coloured pencil)